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Laser Tag Parties

Delivered to You

All Year Round

Just $269 for 16 

$299 for 20 kids



Smaller Group Packages

Party Package includes:  

6 guns, up to 15 minute set-up & explanation,                                           

Dedicated Laser Tag Technician,

1 hour play time, colored team bandannas

4 blow up barriers 

Extra guns available-additional charge of $15 an hour per gun (up to 25 available)

Laser Tag Parties

$169 for 6 

free delivery within 25 miles of Denville or Somerset   

Property owners are required to sign release form releasing Power Play Gaming and its employees from liability


How do the parties work?  

All equipment is handed out and all guns set to 15 lives

Kids are put into teams with colored bandannas

The teams pick a side of the yard

The action starts - 5, 4, 3, 2, 1!!

Once 15 lives are reached the player comes back to base 

Kids are never  "out" more than a few minutes

The round is ended and the fun begins again

Usually 7 to 9 rounds are played in an hour 

Thanks! Message sent.

Rain Out Policy &

Waiting Time


The night before any party we will touch base with you regarding weather, if chance of rain, 1 of 3 things will happen


1)  Cancel if it will be a total washout - no charge and date is rescheduled


2)  Possibility of rain and we both decide to go forward - if cancel more than 3 hours prior to party, no charge 


3)  Possibility of Rain & Power Play does not recommend Party, we will still come out. Now if the party is cancelled between 2 and 3 hours prior to party there is a $20 charge.  

If the party is cancelled less than 2 hours to our arrival there is a $30 charge and if we come out to you but do not play there is a $40 charge.


Once the guns come out and the kids start playing we do charge 100% of the price of the party 


Keep in mind we do not like cancelling parties and we do not like charging for parties that we do not complete however the equipment is very very expensive. Once it starts to rain the party will be stopped.  Please keep this in mind for purposes of rescheduling.

Thank you for your understanding


Waiting Time Policy -  All Parties must start no later than 20 minutes from the time all kids are set to arrive. Additional charges of $10 for every 15 minutes will apply after 20 minutes


So Can we Play in the Rain?


How it works with Mother Nature... 


If we come out and the kids play and it starts to rain we will wait up to 30 minutes for the rain to stop and we will play in a drizzle that is "in & out." 

Under no circumstances will we play in a steady light drizzle or more.

It is dangerous for the kids and can ruin the guns if we play in a downpour.  

If you want us to wait longer than the 30 minutes we will at an additional charge of $30 an hour. Please understand that each gun costs $400 and can be ruined beyond repair by water.


We always suggest making a "Rain Date"  - while we cannot guarantee a specific time, we can hold a party on any date.  In the rare case where we are not able to reach people by 8PM the night before regarding holding a party Power Play will assume that the Party is ON and we will charge accordingly if the party is cancelled.  


We understand it is not an easy decision to make for your childs party but sometimes it is better to cancel and rescheule than take a chance being charged unnecessarily. Thanks for your understanding

Property Owners are responsible for liability insurance for parties.

Power Play Gaming and its employees are not responsible for any damages to property or persons during the party. 

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