Middle Schoolers Cafe & Lounge Night

Friday March 6

$5 Per Person for  up to 3 hours

We will play whatever music the majority of people want
We may play music quite loud
Video Gaming will be available but it will be a fixed format of games based on what the majority of people ask for (up to Teen Games)
Billiards Table is available / Board Games available
Seating available up front on our comfy couches
Snacks & Drinks available for purchase

Keep in mind that we are not responsible for keeping your child inside the store. We do feel we are responsible for keeping your child safe when they are in the store. Sue is CPR / AED certified and has been taught to use an EpiPen. Please be sure that your child has everything they will need before being dropped to us.

1) No outside food or drink - we dont want to clean up more stuff lol
2) No stealing - you will be asked to leave and never return :(
3) No bullying or teasing others
4) No physical contact of any kind (quick hugs are encouraged)
We will not allow kids to sit on each other etc...regardless of how harmless it may seem.
This applies to boy/girl girl/girl boy/boy

We want Power Play Gaming to be a Fun & Safe place for Teens and Tweens to hang out. We do this for a few reasons:
We want you to spread the word about how great we are :)
We want kids to have fun
We want to stay in business
We believe in giving back
We believe that giving things away will result in more business

Get In Touch

Drop off & Pick up Service for your kids

We currently offer Drop Off & Pick up services from 6AM to 9PM

Pricing is based on distance and number of jobs to be booked

Pricing will be similar to Uber & Lyft 

Sue Cygon, Owner of Power Play Gaming  will be the sole driver

She has a stellar driving history of driving for a Limousine Services & Uber.

Driving Abstract available for inspection upon request

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