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Holiday Gifts & Goody Bags 

Fortnite Winter Hats just $9 or with shipping add $3.50

Fortnite Holiday Bags ($29) contain the following:   Winter knit hat (4 colors), Fortnite Figurine, Slurp Juice (Its just Gatorade), Candy (10 pieces, 3 Fortnite Candies) & 1 Hour Video Gaming ($14 card) all this for just $29!!

Add an additional hour of gaming for just an additional $10 

Contact today for orders

We will provide Goody Bags & Buckets for your Power Play Gaming Party or house party.

Fortnite, Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokemon, Mario and Minecraft products available. Prices range $4 to $9 each

Goody Buckets with delivery are $90 for the first 8 

then $9 for each additional Bucket

Just contact us for further details!


Thanks! Message sent.

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